OccupyEquality Nebraska by Mika Covington

OccupyEquality Nebraska, established on October 16, 2011, would like LGBTQ and allied activists to attend the economic justice and equal rights rally on Tuesday, November 15.

OccupyEquality Nebraska has been in contact with Occupy Omaha so we can work together and occupy together in Omaha for the common goals of economic equality. We have had a previous rally where afterwards some of us discussed some points we would like to see added to Occupy Omaha.

1. We would like to see Occupy Omaha form a LGBTQ or Queer working group, or a Diversity group that includes the LGBTQ community.

2. We want an inclusive nondiscrimination clause that states, “We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, and/or bullying against a person based on their actual or perceived race, religion, familial status, physical attributes, physical and mental ability or disability, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender expression, gender identity, and political affiliation or beliefs.

3. We want to include demands to end inequality for all individual’s including LGBTQ individuals.

4. We would like to see a declaration of Safe Space and/or prohibition of hate language.

At the General Assembly, we will finalize our four points and plan future rallies and demonstrations. We will also decide if we want to Occupy with Occupy Omaha at their new site. The GA will need to establish how and when we will work with and help support Forward Equality.

Tuesday, November 15 2:30 pm-6:00 pm 120th N Center Omaha. We are rallying for LGBTQ equality NOW!! We want the Omaha City Council to pass an inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance!!

Forward Equality will be at the rally with OccupyEquality Nebraska on Tuesday, Nov. 15.  Forward Equality is a brand new LGBTQ civil rights organization in Omaha.Forward Equality mission statement: Forward Equality is a regional advocacy based non-profit organization (501c (4) pending) that works with the LGBTQA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied) youths/adults to promote equality and respect. Forward Equality has been rallying weekly for the Omaha City Council to pass an inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance that will protect the LGBTQ community from employment discrimination. OccupyEquality Nebraska member Mika Covington has spoken with Forward Equality about gaining their support and talked with Forward Equality’s Board of Directors which this Sunday voted to officially support Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Omaha, and OccupyEquality.

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