OccupyEquality Press Release 10/30/2011

OccupyEquality Press Release


October 30, 2011

OccupyEquality Unifies LGBTQ Occupy Working Groups

OccupyEquality connects the Occupy LGBTQ Street revolution with the Occupy LGBTQ Net revolution city to city, state to state, coast to coast, north to south, continent to continent, country to country.  All gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and allies are invited to join OccupyEquality on Facebook and Yahoo, and follow on Twitter

Demamd Equality Facebook page administrator lesbian activist Jessica Naomi started OccupyEquality Facebook group to unify the LGBTQ Occupy activists online and on the streets across America, and around the world to write a unified Declaration of Unconditional Constitutional Equality. “The same capitalist corporations foreclosing on Americans pay politicians to vote against constitutional equality for LGBTQ citizens,” said Naomi.  “Heterosupremacist tyrannical theocrat gay bashing corporate cults bribe politicians to vote against LGBTIQ equality, and they bankroll bigot bully ballots conning Americans into voting against marriage equality.”

Naomi realized that the Occupy Wall Street General Assemblies really do not understand that LGBTQ citizens are denied more than the right to work, but also the right to marry, have a fear-free education, and in many parts of the world are still killed for being LGBTQ. Activists on the ground report that Queer Affiliated Occupy activists are being harassed and are not always welcome in the Occupy Revolution by everyone. OccupyEquality will be working with all Occupy LGBTQ activists and allies to make sure that the LGBTQ Declaration of Unconditional Constitutional Equality is part of the 99% Occupation revolution.

OccupyEquality plans include starting working groups on the ground in every city and live streaming meetings to the net for all online activists to participate in writing a unified Declaration for Unconditional Constitutional Equality.


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