OccupyEquality Nebraska/Occupy Omaha

“News Release – For Immediate Release

Occupy Omaha to Hold Solidarity Rally
Action in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland

Contact: Inter-Occupy Communication working group of Occupy Omaha about this press release at occupyomahasolidarity@gmail.com

December 10, 2011 – Omaha, Nebraska – Occupy Omaha will be holding a rally this upcoming Monday, December 12th 2011 near the Monument to Labor sculpture at the Lewis and Clark landing at 515 N Riverfront Drive in Omaha, Nebraska. This event will  run from the hours of 4-7pm.

Occupy Omaha would like to challenge local media to attend and be a part of this event.

This release has been approved by the Occupy Omaha General Assembly December 10, 2011 for immediate release.”

OccupyEquality Nebraska members will be in attendance at this Solidarity Rally.  The community meeting (GA) has not approved a proposal to endorse this event for that the event was created after the last community meeting and there was not support to hold a special community meeting to cover this event.


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