OccupyEquality Working Group Meeting Goes Live

Sunday night at 9:00 pm. ET, the first OccupyEquality Working Group meeting included Occupy activist Jenn Maskell from Queering Occupy Wall Street, Drew from Atlanta, and New York activists from the Hudson Valley and New York City.  About eight people showed up, turned on our cameras, put our headphones on and started talking about what OccupyEquality should be focusing on.

After introductions were made, Drew talked about how important educating Occupy Wall Street activists about why the Occupy message is about LGBTQ equality. There have been reports about gay bashing on site.  Sunday at Zucotti Park, some gay basher stole the Queer Occupy Wall Street sign, wrote some gay bashing shit on the back, said some nasty stuff about not liking faggots, and took off.

Micah Covington who is an administrator of OccupyEquality Nebraska had posted a link about a college with an LGBTQ dorm, and one Occupy activist questioned the connection between college students having a right to a supportive education and Occupy Wall Street.

So we talked about how to make these connections for ourselves and for the whole Occupy revolution.

I pointed out that capitalist corporations and theocrat corporate cults bribe politicians to vote against LGBT rights, and use social media as free bully pulpits to incite violence against us.

We also talked about connecting a meeting from Queer Space at Occupy Wall Street with the OccupyEquality online meeting. Hopefully we will be able to connect coast to coast with a Queering Occupy Wall Street  N.Y. with a Queer Occupy LA for starts.  At the end of the first hour,  we decided that we should work on putting together materials for teach-ins that could happen on the streets at Occupy Wall Street.

Drew from Atlanta stayed when Bob from the Catskills (where I live too)  logged in, and we talked for another hour. We talked about an idea of showing the heter0-Occupy activists what the tyrannical theocRAT corporate cults are saying about them too. I did that today posting the American Family Association corporate cult blog “Bryan Fischer: Would Jesus Occupy Wall Street?  Not On Your Life” to Occupy Wall Street , Occupy WallStreet and Occupy Together so they could see that Fischer hates them too.

Tonight at 9:00 pm will be OccupyEquality Working Group Meeting number two. We plan to meet every night at 9 ET but that time is flexible to connect with the  Occupy Queer Space activists.

Stay tuned for updates from the OccupyEquality meetings, and if everyone logs in to those meetings, they can add their thoughts, comments, ideas, and visions.


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