Update from OccupyEquality Nebraska

OccupyEquality Nebraska members have been very busy building community and networking with other Occupy groups such as Occupy Omaha and Occupy Lincoln. Mika Covington, lead organizer, has been working with a couple of Occupy Omaha working groups to establish official dialogue between OccupyEquality Nebraska and Occupy Omaha. Covington traveled to Lincoln, Neb. to network with occupiers there and to find out if there is support for OccupyEquality Nebraska to have events in Lincoln.

Coviington has been working with Christina Bailey of Occupy Omaha’s InterOccupyCommunications working group to establish an OccupyOmaha/OccupyEquality Nebraska Crosstown March – #GlobalChange Dec. 10.

Here is an excerpt from the Crosstown March event announcement:
“Omaha – Our city has been segregated for far too long! We have been kept apart by racist governments, racist economic policies and forced busing. Our working class has been divided and our children are forced to attend schools far away from their neighborhood. THIS MUST END AND NOBODY WILL END IT FOR US!! WE MUST CHANGE THIS WORLD OURSELVES!!

Please join  us in creating a Cross-town March on Saturday Dec.10! The march will reclaim 24th Street as our main North-South artery. It will begin at two locations in North and South Omaha, as well as at the Gene Leahy Mall as our weekly Saturday march begins there at 11am!”

OccupyEquality Nebraska as of Dec. 1 received this Memo of Understanding from Occupy Omaha’s InterOccupy Communication working group:

“Hello! Occupy Omaha thanks you for your support! We, in the InterOccupy Communication working group recognize the international OccupyEquality movement ,which contains the autonomous OccupyEquality Nebraska, which adopts the statements of the #ows international movement. Occupy Omaha had created a disclaimer to other groups, amended on 29 October 2011, which reads, “We appreciate and humbly accept your group’s support. As a consensus driven movement, however, we reserve the right to withhold our support from any ideologies or positions that do not match our group’s stated goals.”

Occupy Omaha has not, as of the writing of this letter from this working group on Dec. 1 , 2011, created a list of goals or ideologies separate from the #ows Statement(s) and therefore, as an autonomous association of the #ows movement, we must assume that all points within the #ows Statement(s) are adhered to by Occupy Omaha.

We, the InterOccupy Communication working group, understand OccupyEquality Nebraska’s need for an anti-discrimination clause to be adopted by Occupy Omaha in order for OccupyEquality Nebraska to endorse Occupy Omaha as a populist movement with similar goals. As our working group understands, the anti-discrimination clause that OccupyEquality Nebraska proposes is an interpretation of several points within the #ows statement of grievances. The points under consideration by OccupyEquality Nebraska are as follows:

Point 3: They have perpetuated inequality and discrimination in the workplace based on age, the color of one’s skin, sex, gender identity and sexual orientation.

The anti-discrimination clause that OccupyEquality Nebraska requests of Occupy Omaha to adopt reads, “We will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, and/or bullying against a person based on their actual or perceived race, religion, familial status, physical attributes, physical and mental ability, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, gender expression, gender identity, and political affiliation or beliefs.”

We understand that OccupyEquality Nebraska justifies this clause based on these interpretations of point three [Actual or perceived] … Physical and mental ability incorporate “age”; Race incorporates “color of one’s skin”; – how to encompass “religion, familial status, physical attributes, socioeconomic status, gender expression, gender identity, political affiliation or beliefs.”

OccupyEquality Nebraska activists continue protesting in Omaha alongside Occupy Omaha.


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